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Morris Oxford Bullnose

Morris Oxford Bullnose


  • Brand : Morris
  • Colour : White
  • Year : 1913
  • Type : Vintage
  • Seating Capacity : 2
  • Additional Kilometer : Requisite
  • Additional Hour : Requisite

Car Specifications

William Morris's first car was called Oxford in recognition of its home city. It was announced in The Autocar magazine in October 1912 and production began in March 1913. Because he had a limited amount of capital and was unwilling to share ownership of his business little was made in-house. Virtually all components were bought-in and assembled by Morris. It was a small car with a 1018 cc four-cylinder side-valve engine with fixed cylinder head from White & Poppe. Ignition was by a Bosch magneto. The chassis made by Rubery Owen was of pressed-steel construction and suspension was by leaf springs, semi-elliptic at the front and longer three-quarter elliptic at the rear slung above the axle. The welded single piece banjo rear axle with splined half shafts was driven by a Wrigley Worm. The front axle was of forged steel and, like the back axle assembly and the steering, was made by Wrigley. The brakes, on the rear wheels only, were the external contracting type, metal to metal, using four shoes in each drum. A White & Poppe three-forward and reverse gearbox was fitted. The Powell & Hanmer headlamps were acetylene and the side and tail lamps oil.


Car Brand

Morris Motors


EPA combined/city/highway :

23.5 mpg


1018cc side-valve Straight -4,

8.9hp White & Poppe engines, 4 cylinders


3 speed

and reverse Manual


62.1cu in 1018cc

Power: 16.4 bhp @2400rm



2 doors,2 passengers


Zero to 60 mph: 30 sec

Standing ΒΌ-mile: N/A

Top speed: 50 mph


Length: 126 in

Width: 47 in